The ABCs of ACs

Summer officially began on June 20th this year. There were temperatures in the triple digits in SoCal! Really?? Yes, Really! Since we do not enjoy sticking to our couches, chairs and other pieces of furniture, our air conditioning units become our best friends. Don’t you think it’s time to check on your best friend?

Here are some simple tips to keep up your air conditioning units to stay BFF’s through our doggiest of days:

Air conditioning units need to be maintained! Units need to be cleaned and serviced to assure top performance. A unit that has been unmaintained can utilize extra energy, cool insufficiently and worse of all, break.

Be mindful of your thermostat settings. When you are home, set it to a comfortable temperature between 72 and 78º. When you are away, set the temperature 10º higher. Surprisingly, this is a money-saving technique!

Call for help. There are many parts in an air conditioning system, such as coils, fans, filters, vents, freon coolant, ducts, etc.  For the DIY individuals born with tool belts and hard hats, be careful to protect yourself in making any repairs. For the rest of us, help is a phone call away.

One last tip: Air conditioning leaks are common during the summer. If it’s been 90º all week and there’s water coming from your ceiling, call us at 877-628-5556 to get the leak inspected.