Is Your Roof On Its Deathbed?

God forbid any of you should have to sit in an uncomfortable chair on alert, waiting for your loved one to pass from this world to the next. Certainly, you wouldn’t want your loved one to die from something preventable — like tetanus.

If you scratch your arm on an old, chain-link fence or step on a rusty nail, your first step is to get a tetanus shot.So why ignore the early stages of roof failure like roof leaks?

At ProAm Construction we look at each roof as an individual. Every roof and every building owner has a unique set of circumstances. We pride ourselves in providing personalized, strategic repairs.

We wouldn’t want a doctor to say, “chop her arm off” when we just need a few stitches, would we? Certainly not. We no longer amputate limbs when surgery would do. So why tear off your whole roof when it may not be necessary?

At the same time, we don’t advocate to coat a roof. After all, why put a band-aid on a problem?​

If your roof is suffering through drainage issues and is home to a new species of ducks because of the ponding, increase positive water flow to your existing drains.​

If only one section of your roof is a repeat offender, we can replace just that section. Maybe all you need is quarterly roof maintenance.​

But don’t let us toot our own proverbial horn, our customers say it best:

I have eighteen Condominiums I oversee on a daily basis. In 2014, your company completed repairs and annual preventative maintenance to a number of these properties. Each property coming with their own set of issues that needed to be resolved. Instead of offering to install new roofs, we came up with a repair plan to bring the roofs to a maintainable condition to extend the life of the roof before a replacement was absolutely necessary. This then provides our management and board members a timeline to budget for the capital expense.

Hey. We know what it’s like to be a building owner. We can inspect your roof, come up with a diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. I think you’ll appreciate the detail and effort we put into it.

Give Kevin Sarno a call at (877) 628-5556 today. Let’s see what the doctor will order.