Commercial Roofing Reports Save You Money

Blisters 3 - Avoid them with Roof MaintenanceIf you own or manage a commercial building, you already know that rain, wind and sun can wreak havoc on your building, particularly on your roof. ProAm Construction offers commercial roofing reports in an effort to save you money and protect your investment. Does it really make sense to replace your entire roof when an inspection, repair and maintenance could extend the life of your roof by five years or more?

Often when facility managers contemplate commercial roofing services, the options for re-roofing vs. repair and long term care or maintenance plans should to be considered. As you gather quotes on each, make sure you request a thorough inspection of your current roofing systems. At ProAm Construction we offer this service, producing a report that delivers the information you need on every system that interacts with your roof, allowing you to make an educated decision regarding your commercial roof.

Complete Care Offers Relief to Commercial Roofing Woes

Our customers value our comprehensive approach. We view your roof as a complete system, knowing that surprisingly many leaks are not caused by the actual roof at all! Experience has shown us that failures in HVAC and plumbing, stucco, electricity and skylights all need to be considered when evaluating commercial roofs. We can diagnose issues BEFORE they become emergencies, saving you large expenses incurred from crisis calls and prolonging the life of your commercial roof.

ProAm Construction Brings Commercial Roofing Reports and Smiles to Property ManagersOur roof maintenance plans bring peace of mind to building owners and managers of commercial, retail and industrial property as we become your resource, bringing you regularly scheduled, customized maintenance visits are customized to your property’s specific needs to provide cost effective solutions for current and future roofing needs. We present options to maximize the life of your existing roofing system, making building management more economical.

Ask us about our comprehensive roof inspection reports, which include guidelines for proposed corrective action and future maintenance as well as imaging reports of your current roof. When you need roof inspection and maintenance or management, ProAm Construction has the answers you need! Curious about our custom commercial roofing reports? Call us today at (877) 628-5556 or contact us to request more information.