About Us

Company Background

We began ProActive Management (ProAM) Construction to change the perception of how you view maintaining your roof.  We have created an ability to achieve a true ROI (Return On Investment) with your existing roofing system. Educating our clients through annual inspections of each property allows ProAM to properly assist in planning for maintenance needed or strategic repairs and allocation of funds for replacement.  ProAM maintains the waterproofing components for Roofing, HVAC units, Electrical, Plumbing, Stucco from the roofline upwards.

From our years of experience we have found that most roof leaks are not even roof related.  When owners and managers are faced with water intrusion issues the first call is to the roofer in their rolodex.  If that particular contractor does not have the passion or the wherewithal to locate the true source of the leak you may be faced with one very expensive finger pointing expedition.

ProAM is your Roof Top Maintenance Company utilizing a combination of first class technology and our burning desire to locate, educate and solve your existing leak source.  Subsequently providing a through report to proactively maintain each component of your roof system, immensely reducing the potential for future surprises and extending the life of your roof through proactive measures.
Allow us the opportunity to protect your roof top systems and have peace of mind your asset is in good hands.